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Curvemaster presser foot Curvemaster presser foot
This amazing foot has been designed to fit almost any machine. It comes with 6 different adaptors. It makes sewing curves a breeze. No pinning either. …
cotton batting cotton batting
We stock Matilda's Own Aussie batting 100% cotton and 2.4m wide. Can be quilted up to  8" apart. Price is per metre.…
Polyester Batting Polyester Batting
Matilda's Own 100% polyester batting. Needle punched onto a scrim it can be quilted up to 8" apart. 2.4m wide. Price is per metre.…
Regal hand sewing needles Regal hand sewing needles
We stock the full range of Regal needles for hand applique, embroidery or quilting.…
8" x 24" rectangle ruler 8" x 24" rectangle ruler
We have found this a great size for cutting raggy quilt squares as well as other things. Partnered with a 6 1/2" x 12 rectangle  you would have two ruler to use for most of your. cutting needs…
15 1/2" square ruler 15 1/2" square ruler
A very useful size, we carry this size always but can order others if you have a special requirement.…
6 1/2" square rulers 6 1/2" square rulers
very useful!…
8" 60* triangle ruler 8" 60* triangle ruler
This is a handy ruler for kaleidoscope quilts or thousand pyramid quilts or anything that requires the 60* triangle.…
12" 60* triangle ruler 12" 60* triangle ruler
 a larger version of the 60* triangle ruler for those larger projects.…
45mm Olfa Rotary Cutters 45mm Olfa Rotary Cutters
A classic rotary cutter that is still our most popular cutter. We love the pretty floral designs.…