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Cutting Utensils

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45mm Olfa Rotary Cutters 45mm Olfa Rotary Cutters
A classic rotary cutter that is still our most popular cutter. We love the pretty floral designs.…
28mm blade x 2 28mm blade x 2
 pack of two 28mm replacement blades…
45mm Olfa Blade 45mm Olfa Blade
single 45mm replacement blade…
60mm Olfa blade 60mm Olfa blade
60mm replacement blade…
28mm Olfa rotary cutter 28mm Olfa rotary cutter
28mm rotary cutter…
Olfa 60mm rotary cutter Olfa 60mm rotary cutter
60mm Rotary cutter…
Olfa Slash Cutter Olfa Slash Cutter
You can quickly and simply make your own chenille with this handy tool. Instructions included.…
45mm replacement pinking blade 45mm replacement pinking blade
Replacement blade for the pinking cutter…
Olfa 18mm Rotary cutter Olfa 18mm Rotary cutter
Our tiniest rotary cutter, perfect for cutting around those small acrylic templates.…
18mm rotary cutting blade 18mm rotary cutting blade
Replacement blade for 18mm cutter (pack of 2 blades)…